Fabulous Secret Powers: She-Ra or He-Man?

I don’t know what show was gayer, She-Ra or He-Man?

Growing up I was a huge Masters of The Universe fan, HUGE! I watched the series regularly, collected all the toys (still have some) and He-Man was my idle. I mean the guy wore purple spandex tights, a super fitted henley and a cute cropped pink blazer that he belted…and that was when he was out of character. How fashionable! When he did transform into He-Man, he suddenly had a tan, wore fur briefs, and rocked a metal harness that served absolutely no purpose. Hellooo daddy! But my favorite thing about He-Man was the fact that he confidently told viewers that “fabulous secret powers” were reveled to him. It doesn’t get any gayer than that! Or does it?

It wasn’t until She-Ra came along that I realized who the real star of the family was. Bitch was ferocious…in and out of character. She also had some pretty fancy friends (Umm Castaspella, Mermista, Frosta…amazing!), flew around on a talking unicorn and ran around with a sexy homo by the name of Bow (the love of my life). I blame my obsession with She-Ra on my sister and her best friend, Bethy. Bethy would come over every week and bring her Crystal Castle playset with the dolls and taunt me. I wanted the playset and dolls so badly and although I never received them (I was too embarrassed to ask my mom), Bethy was nice enough to let me borrow the playset and dolls as a birthday present. Best birthday everrr!

Here are a few pictures of the amazingness that was She-Ra and He-Man, as well as each shows intro. And in case anyone was wondering, both She-Ra and He-Man are available for viewing on Netflix. If you haven’t seen either show and are unfamiliar completely well then I seriously suggest you start watching immediately… FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL!

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