The Scandinavian Sensation

Not sure what it is about Scandinavia and pop music, but they sure go hand in hand together. If there is one place where amazing music is being produced; it is most definitely Sweden! Here are a few amazing pop songs by artists who are from the region. Check them out…

Rosanna – Waterfall
There is something majorly appealing about Rosanna. She’s cute but not overtly sexual, wholesome but not boring and she doesn’t depend on an audio processor to tune her voice. With today’s female popstars who are more interested in coming off like club going divas, it’s refreshing to hear a song by a pop artist who is not afraid to show their vulnerability. This is simple, gentle, beautiful pop music at its finest.

Annie – Hey Annie
I instantly get a sugar rush when I hear the sound of Annie’s sweet voice. She may not have the strongest vocals but she doesn’t need to when she has a voice perfectly fit for the genre of music she is creating. Hey Annie is a sensational track about the pleasures of being in love and the feelings that you get when in the moment. With a rush of emotion and thrills, this song hits like an intense orgasm. Just wait until the 3:30 mark to understand what I mean; the track turns into a climatic pulsating head rush that will leave you wanting more.

Sally Shapiro – He Keeps Me Alive
Give me a song with a female vocalist and some sweet synthesizers and I’m instantly satisfied. Sally Shapiro’s airy vocals mixed with the spacey effects of the synths give this track a very extraterrestrial vibe. I like that there is a sense of gloom that lingers in this track as well. There’s this hopeful sincerity in her voice and it really captures the pure emotion of the song. I think there is nothing sexier than a person who is in touch with the way they feel.

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