Bam! Pow! Plowed!


Mark Chamberlain is a New York based artist who created a series of homoerotic Batman & Robin watercolor paintings in 2005. His inspiration behind his artwork was a photograph shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson (above) and these paintings were met with a lot of criticism due to their subject matter. DC comic officials immediately made The Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts Gallery remove the paintings from their gallery but thanks to the internet the images can still be found with a simple search.

These paintings are by no means new but I wanted to share them with you all because I think they are terrific and should be seen by everyone. Since I am a huge comic book nerd and grew up watching Batman & Robin regularly, I plan on getting a picture framed for my bedroom. I enjoy the sweetness in Batman & Robin’s kiss but I think I am leaning towards the picture of Robin straddling Batman. Too much? What do you guys think?

Check out the paintings below!

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