Nothing Gold Can Stay

Andy Goldsworthy is an environmental artist who creates pieces of art using natural objects such as rocks, leaves, twigs, ice and other materials. I first heard about Goldsworthy while I was taking an art class a few years back and I found his work to be interesting. A documentary titled Rivers and Tides was shown in class and I remember it was not only the structures Goldsworthy created that caught my attention, but the tools that he used to execute his work. Using only his hands and teeth, for the most part, he was able to construct these really intricate, delicate, sometimes monumental structures. I guess what I found most appealing about Andy Goldsworthy’s art is that the majority of his pieces are only temporary and exist in photographs which makes his work even that much more special and meaningful.

Here are a few of my favorite Goldsworthy structures…

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2 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay

  1. Cool says:

    WTF You didn’t even tell us about the ‘meanings’ of the art

  2. Cool says:

    However very impressive art well done

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