Now & Then

I often find myself going back and listening to music from when I was younger and having a good laugh at what I considered to be “good music”. It’s interesting to look at what you listened to then, compared to what you listen to today. Bands like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Dashboard Confessional were on constant rotation and I thought I would listen to them forever, but unfortunately you grow up and your taste in music begins to transform and you end up forgetting about the bands that once occupied your iPod minis.

One band that will always hold a special place in my heart is Eisley. I will never forget the first time I saw Eisley perform live; they opened for Brand New at the Metro and it was the most incredible show I had ever been to. The DuPree’s were heaven sent and I couldn’t get enough. The music that they create is heartful indie-rock that sounds like a lullaby but impacts like an orchestra of melody, it’s beautiful stuff! When I’m feeling nostalgic, I’ll throw on the brilliant Laughing City EP and let old memories come to life and remember how much fun it was to not have a worry in the world.

Check out their most current single Smarter off their album The Valley.

And check out my personal favorite track Tree Tops from their 2003 Laughing City EP.

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