I recently started watching HBO’s new dramedy Enlightened after being impressed and slightly amused by the trailer. Enlightened tells the story of Amy Jellicoe, played by the wonderful Laura Dern, who suffers a very public nervous breakdown while at work in front of her peers. In order to get her life back together, Amy takes some time off from work and seeks treatment at a rehabilitation center only to return with a new found appreciation for life and its meaning. The problem with achieving enlightenment and changing your perspective on life is having to maintain that state of mind and the difficulties that arise from the naysayers closest to you.

What’s so powerful about Enlightened is its authenticity that is portrayed through the characters, their honest interactions and their mundane activities in their everyday lives. The underlining message and theme in each episode is what sets Enlightened apart from other shows, it’s not superficial and self indulgent but there is real substance of hope and meaning. Laura Dern and Mike White created an offering that is inspiring in so many ways and encourages people to do better and to become better. I suggest everyone watch the first episode and give Enlightened a chance…I promise you will not be disappointed. The world is full of possibility!

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