New Music: Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

Passion Pit have released yet another song from their highly anticipated sophomore album Gossamer and unlike their previous tracks (Talk A Walk & I’ll Be Alright) Constant Conversations contains no political undertones or forgettable melodies. Instead Passion Pit return with Michael Angelakos’ sweet smooth falsetto on full display layered upon a soothing R&B beat that will make your heart melt. At first listen it sounds as if though Passion Pit had the genius idea to collaborate with the brilliant Kate Bush but that isn’t the case. Angelakos channels his inner Kate Bush (with the help of vocal manipulation) with all her fiery passion and emotion, and the duality in his vocals is absolutely extraordinary. Constant Conversations is oddly nostalgic like a warm Autumn evening that is reminiscent of lost lovers, failed relations and constant struggles. It’s simply quite lovely and is easily a stand out track from Gossamer. Presssss Play!

Gossamer is available for purchase and digital download on July 24th. You better pick this one up!

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3 thoughts on “New Music: Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

  1. sonofwalt says:

    Wow, this is interesting, sweet, lovely and fun all at once. I was playing it just now for my boyfriend, saying that it had a sixties touch mixed with something I couldn’t identify, but recognized. That’s when he said that it reminded him of Kate Bush! Just then I read out loud to him what you said. It somehow reminds me of her later mix of “Deeper Understanding.”

    I am so glad I found your blogs. Great music finds here!

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