New Music: Bloc Party – Octopus

Bloc Party – Octopus

Are they together or aren’t they? After much speculation, various rumors and a few odd announcements, the London foursome have finally returned with their comeback single Octopus. Word broke out in early 2011 that Bloc Party had begun work on their at the time untitled record but fans were soon left with news that the band was disbanding and going on hiatus while lead singer Kele Okereke focused on a solo career. Kele claimed Bloc Party was looking to replace him as lead singer and blogs speculated about the band’s grim future, but fast forward to a few months later and SURPRISE!…it was all just a lie to buy the band some more preparation time. So was the extra time worth the wait? Simply put; Absolutely. Octopus is the perfect fusion of the guitar based indie-rock sound on Silent Alarm and the brash electronic manipulation found on Intimacy. Bloc Party sound confident, refreshed and inspired which in return makes Octopus a true return to form for the talented band. Well done Bloc Party, well done.

Four is set for release on August 20th and if you’re not picking this one up we probably can’t be friends anymore.


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