New Music: Crystal Castles – Plague

Crystal Castles – Plague

Toronto’s electronic goth duo Crystal Castles have finally released their new single Plague from their upcoming album (please say it’s titled Crystal Castles III?) due later this summer. Plague has Alice Glass and Ethan Kath approaching their music with a much darker, ominous sound that was alluded to on 2010’s album Crystal Castles II. While Crystal Castles II may have hinted at a growing sinister sound, new single Plague is a fully evolved nightmare that contains creepy church organs, mirrored echos and eerie lyrics. Alice Glass continues her reign as an evil intergalactic space princess (think Moon Child [The Never Ending Story] meets Lilandra Neramani [X-Men]) as she taunts her victim with “I need you pure, I need you clean. I am the plague”. Crystal Castles may haven taken a few notes from fellow witchgaze band Salem as far as their sound goes but the thinly veiled influence seems more like an afterthought than a direct imitation. Stir in some Prometheus-esque sirens and Crystal Castles have created what is truly a beautifully disturbing masterpiece. Genius!

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