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Beach Bum

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You Don’t Know How You Want It

The Radio Dept. – Why Won’t You Talk About It

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Blue + Green = Bl33n

I recently came across a new brand by the name of Bl33n while browsing through another blog. At the time, very little was known about the brand or what exactly they were selling but that didn’t seem to matter when they had scantily clothed men in suggestive positions spreading the word.

Their interesting technique of promoting seemed to work out well because buzz about this brand seems to be everywhere lately. Here’s a few pictures of their campaign as well as a link to the website. Bring on the homoeroticism!

Now excuse me while I go barf up my breakfast and begin starving myself for the next couple of months. Definitely check out the website (link below) to see some of the awesome t-shirts the company sells. Most definitely going to have to pick up one of those monster t’s!

Bl33n Clothing

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