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Will It Ever Be The Same Again

Gypsy and The Cat – Bloom

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New Music: Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations

Passion Pit have released yet another song from their highly anticipated sophomore album Gossamer and unlike their previous tracks (Talk A Walk & I’ll Be Alright) Constant Conversations contains no political undertones or forgettable melodies. Instead Passion Pit return with Michael Angelakos’ sweet smooth falsetto on full display layered upon a soothing R&B beat that will make your heart melt. At first listen it sounds as if though Passion Pit had the genius idea to collaborate with the brilliant Kate Bush but that isn’t the case. Angelakos channels his inner Kate Bush (with the help of vocal manipulation) with all her fiery passion and emotion, and the duality in his vocals is absolutely extraordinary. Constant Conversations is oddly nostalgic like a warm Autumn evening that is reminiscent of lost lovers, failed relations and constant struggles. It’s simply quite lovely and is easily a stand out track from Gossamer. Presssss Play!

Gossamer is available for purchase and digital download on July 24th. You better pick this one up!

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Doomed From The Start

Tennis – Origins

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My Heart Will Never Be

Grimes – Genesis

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New Music: The Magnetic Fields – Andrew In Drag

The Magnetic Fields – Andrew In Drag

90’s Alternative Rock fans rejoice! The Magnectic Fields have released Andrew In Drag which is off their newly announced record Love At The Bottom Of The Sea due for release on March 5th!

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Come Let Away

Cults – You Know What I Mean

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New Music: Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Dayum! Interscope Records is not messing around with their current golden girl Lana Del Rey and by the sound of Lana’s new single, National Anthem, both Lana Del Rey and Interscope have a HUGE hit on their shoulders. National Anthem is bursting with a catchy sing-along chorus that would make any pop-star die with envy and the fun breezy beat is a sure-fire hit for Summer of 2012. Like a dormant volcano waiting to erupt with life and wreck havoc on the general public, National Anthem is dying to be heard and will definitely be the song that propel’s Lana’s career into the stratosphere and makes her a star. This song is exactly the right recipe to be a GINORMOUS cross-cover hit for Lana Del Rey and kudos to her because she deserves all the success! With her first major label studio album on the horizon (January 31st) and a modeling contract just announced; it looks as if 2012 will be the Year of Lana. Yes, Yes, Yes… Check out National Anthem above and enjoy!

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New Music: Miike Snow – Devil’s Work

Miike Snow – Devil’s Work

It’s difficult listening to Miike Snow’s Devil’s Work without being slightly disappointed by the bands “new” direction. After their enormous eponymous album exploded onto the music scene and transcended musical barriers by appearing in TV ads, major films and popular television shows, it’s a bit of a shock that their follow up lead single is so absurdly boring. Devil’s Work finds that band continuing where Miike Snow left off and delving deeper into a much darker territory. Andrew Wyatt’s vocals sound amazing as ever but the track ultimately falls flat and feels uninspired due to their lack of creativity. I hate to sound so harsh but Devil’s Work could have easily been a b-side to Sylvia and even sounds eerily similar. I’m a huge fan of any band that evolves and experiments with their sound but unfortunately Miike Snow seem to have played it safe and decided to recycle old material into new material which is a total bummer. Let’s hope the rest of their untitled new album is as brilliant as their older material.

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Passive Me, Aggressive You

The Naked And Famous – All of This

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Stand & Fight

Florence + The Machine – Only If For A Night

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