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New Music: Rihanna – Diamonds

Rihanna – Diamonds

The hardest working woman in pop music is back yet again with a new single and is singing a different tune. Diamonds, the lead single off of Rihanna’s seventh studio album, is a bit of a departure from what we have come to expect from the Barbados singer and that’s a good thing. With the recent explosion of dance music and the popularity of producers like Benny Blanco, Dr. Luke and dare I say Calvin Harris, it’s getting difficult to distinguish who is who in the world of pop music. Has pop music really become that boring that it has lost its personality? Thankfully not, and I give Rihanna credit for experimenting with a more mature sound and breaking the trend of recycled dance beats and suspiciously coincidental sing along hooks. Although described as “happy and hippy” Diamonds would be best described as an anthemic soulful track similar in vein to Umbrella. Rihanna’s vocals sound surprisingly well rested and Diamonds is just the beginning of what looks to to be a new era of growth, maturity and celebration. If you’re not a fan, ya better get on board soon. Be prepared to hear this song everywhere!

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New Music: Cheryl Cole – Call My Name

Cheryl Cole – Call My Name

Cheryl Cole. The name may not sound familiar but have no doubts because that is all about to change with the release of Cole’s massive new single Call My Name. Produced by Calvin Harris (hot off the success of Rihanna’s We Found Love), Call My Name is just the song to finally draw some much-needed attention to Cheryl Cole. The former Girls Aloud singer has been basking for a solo career for years but has yet to make a successful impact in the United States until now. Teaming up with Calvin Harris is a genius move on Cheryl Cole’s team’s part considering his name has now become synonymous with dance music and the track is guaranteed to garner some much deserved buzz for the singer. Similar in formula to We Found Love, Call My Name is beaming with Harris’ signature hyper disco synths and is the perfect concoction for a summertime smash.

Cheryl Cole’s third studio album A Million Lights drops June 18th! Definitely worth a listen.

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Talk That Talk

As with any much anticipated album, Rihanna’s Talk That Talk leaked in full last night and here are a few of my favorite tracks off the record. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the album doesn’t live up to the hype but maybe after a few spins I’ll have a more favorable view. The album clocks in at an underwhelming 35 minutes (standard edition) which left a bad taste in my mouth since the majority of the songs seem to be lacking inspiration and are extremely repetitive. After the colossal single that was We Found Love, I guess it’s only natural to be slightly disappointed by the rest of the album’s material. Here are a few tracks that definitely stand out and are worth a listen…

You Da One (Produced by Dr. Luke)

Where Have You Been? (Produced by Calvin Harris)

Cockiness (Produced by Bangladesh)

Drunk On Love (Produced by Jamie XX)

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I’ll Care For You

Drake – Take Care (Featuring Rihanna)

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